August 05, 2019

Vision and Trust


I’m Pierre Valade, the CEO of Jumbo Privacy. Thanks so much for trusting us with your privacy online.
Today I wanted to share more about our vision, and update you on a new commitment we are making to increase the trust you have placed in us.


Our vision for Jumbo is to give you back control of your privacy, protect your sensitive data that is stored online on the major apps and websites, and ultimately give you greater peace of mind. Our goal is to design a delightful product experience that should not feel like “work”.

We are working hard to make Jumbo protect you in the background. We want you to be able to focus on the important things in your life and not spend that time worrying about your privacy. We are here to make your life easier, not ask you for more of your time.


One question we often get is: “Will you sell my data? Is that how you will make money?”

As you might know already, Jumbo never collects any of your personal data into the cloud. All the processing happens from your phone. So we can’t sell any of your data, because we simply don’t have any of your data.

Today, we are going one step further by updating our privacy policy to explicitly say Jumbo will never sell any of your data. Our privacy policy is a legal document, and we wanted to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

Our business model will be a subscription, similar to Spotify, iCloud, or Netflix. We will always keep a free version of Jumbo, but advanced protections will be available for users who pay for Jumbo+. We are already working on these features. We think this business model is the only one that guarantees that we always have your best interest in mind, without any compromises.

Let’s be in touch for any questions you have: [email protected]

With peace of mind,

Pierre Valade

Pierre Valade