April 09, 2019

Private and Secure. By Design.


We made an important decision while building Jumbo for iPhone: all the processing will happen from your iPhone, without any servers from Jumbo, or any third-parties, having access to your personal data, or passwords.

We have designed this architecture for security and privacy reasons.


Jumbo, in order to work, asks you to login with apps like Facebook, Google, …

If we had decided to store your password in our servers, we could have made some of our features better (for example, cleaning would happen faster, and automatically in the background), BUT, if someone was able to breach into our servers, then they could have access to your Facebook, Google. We decided the best decision for our users was to build everything client-side.


You trust Jumbo to download important and personal data for you (Facebook content, Twitter, …)

This data: it’s not ours, it’s yours. So our client-side architecture makes it impossible for anyone working at Jumbo, or any third-parties, to have a look into your personal data.

Even if a government asks Jumbo, with the right court order, to provide them with personal data, we would not be able to do so. The personal data stays on your iPhone, encrypted.

If you have more questions, please email [email protected], thank you!

Pierre Valade