April 08, 2019

How to Clean more than 3,200 tweets

Twitter only allows other users and apps like Jumbo to see your latest 3,200 tweets.

After cleaning your first 3,200 tweets, we rely on Twitter to refresh your profile and display your older, previously hidden tweets. For most users, Twitter does not fetch these older tweets and instead leaves them hidden. This is unrelated to our service and is just how Twitter works.

If you are able to scroll to the bottom of your profile and do not see your older tweets in the Twitter interface, Jumbo won’t be able to locate and request that they be deleted. This means that subsequent runs will only clean the visible tweets that have aged into the time frame you asked us to clean.

Other services that advertise the ability to delete your hidden tweets require users to upload their Twitter archive and present security risks we avoided with Jumbo, which runs the entire process on your device without the use of any servers. Some people might still desire this, but we’ve decided that it isn’t worth the risk to the majority of our users who have 3,200 tweets or less.

If you have more questions, let us know at [email protected]